Classic biodynamic Riesling

The basis for the dense and mineral SYBILLE KUNTZ Mosel-Riesling wines are mainly own rooted vines in the best and steepest vineyard sites. The largest part of the vineyard properties is situated in the single vineyard site Niederberg-Helden in Lieser, a steep vineyard site, already classified as a grand cru by Napoleon's terroir experts in 1804, when the Mosel was under French rule.

The Estate has been acting organic since 1990 and is since 2013 Eco certified by the independent control agency GfRS (DE-ÖKO-039). Simultaneously the transition began to a complete biodynamic cultivation of the vineyards. This was certified by Demeter in 2016 – the highest level of natural viticulture for grapes and vineyards.

Since the vintage 2011 we colour coded our 6 quality categories according to ripeness level and taste profil after the „Colours of Nature“. The natural ripeness development of the Riesling berries is communicated through the colours of the labels.

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Natural biodynamic Riesling

Thousands of years ago people have been making fermented wine without any additives. This original way of winemaking is currently being taken up again. The 3 organic SYBILLE KUNTZ Mosel-Rieslings are our own interpretation of this old type of making wines.

discover natural biodynamic riesling

Riesling Brandy / Weinbrand

For the 10th year anniversary of my with the vintage 2011 modernized re-branding of the SYBILLE KUNTZ Mosel-Riesling I had the ambition to create something special something I had never done before:
A spirit of Riesling, a SYBILLE KUNTZ Mosel-Riesling Brandy / Weinbrand as product number 10 of the SYBILLE KUNTZ product range.

For the premiere I have bottled 10 x 10 bottles of 700 ml each for enthusiasts - with 50 % alcohol to celebrate. Available exclusively on our website.

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