Thousands of years ago people have been making fermented wine without any additives. This original way of winemaking is currently being taken up again. The 3 organic SYBILLE KUNTZ Mosel-Rieslings are our own interpretation of this old type of making wines.

organic trocken

The Organic Riesling is an „Orange“ wine and provides the colour for all labels of the Organic line. A orange wine is a spontaneous fermentation on the skins.

This process of crushing the grapes goes way back to the beginning of wine making thousands of years ago.

After fermentation and several weeks of skin contact the wine is pressed and transfered into old traditional wooden 1000 l Fuder barrels. Where it ages for another 6 months until it will be bottled unfiltered and without any sulfur addition.

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Organic premium trocken

The grapes for the Riesling Organic Premium will be crushed and pressed directly after the picking. Fermentation is also spontaneous to complete dryness.

This Riesling matures until spring on its own lees and is bottled unfiltered and with a minimal addition of sulfur.

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organic petillant naturell trocken

The Organic Petillant Naturell is a gently fizzing Riesling with natural carbon dioxide. This foamy Riesling is also without sulfur and any other addition in the bottle fermented and unfiltered.

It is the oldest method of making a sparkling wine.

Our Petillant Naturell is from very yellow berried grapes and has a fine and delicate perlage.

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