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Addresses and opening hours

Wine shop

Moselstraße 25
D-54470 Lieser/Mosel
Tel: +49(0)6531 91000
Email: weingut@sybillekuntz.de

Monday-Friday: 9:00-12:00 / 13:00-17:00
Saturday: 10:00-14:00, only by appointment.

Book a professional tasting:
4 Riesling wines for 10,00 €/Person
6 Riesling wines for 15,00 €/Person
8 Riesling wines for 20,00 €/Person

Please contact us via phone or email.

Wine cellar

Paulsstraße 48
D-54470 Lieser/Mosel
Tel: +49(0)6531 91000
Email: weingut@sybillekuntz.de

Only by appointment.

Guest house

Paulsstraße 46
D-54470 Lieser/Mosel

Booking.com: SYBILLE KUNTZ Weingut Gästehaus